Marinated Mushroom Bruschetta with Cheese Curds & Grilled Ciabatta

In this recipe we’re making fresh mushrooms magical! Marinating them for 24 hours to create a mouthwatering bruschetta.

Our marinated mushroom bruschetta is going to be served on grilled ciabatta and finished with cheese curds. In this recipe we’re using Cremini mushrooms. However you could use Button mushrooms, or any other kind of mushroom that you prefer. Your mushroom mix can be done in advance. This is something you can do in bulk. Making this dish not only fast and fresh, but highly profitable and time saving during busy service.

Each year an increasing number of hungry diners look to your menus for fresh and trendy seasonal ingredients. Keeping their interests piqued when it comes to menu design and product offerings is vital to your operation. Discover something new and fresh for your menu….

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