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Episode 5 of the Dennis Knows Food Podcast: New Products, Daylight Savings Time Tips, Fresh Beef, Foodie News and more!

It’s Wednesday, March 15th and this is the 5th episode of our Podcast!

We almost had a good hold on Spring… almost. This wacky weather is affecting all of us in different ways. Add in the physical and mental impact from the recent daylight savings time switch, and this is shaping up to be a rough week. Fight through it, below is a link to strategies for help in coping with Daylight Savings!


In this weeks new products we have added 30 new items to our inventory! Most of these come from Major Brands, which are a delectable line of soup stocks and bases. Don’t miss the mouth-watering Major Elite – Lobster Soup Base with no added MSG!

In this episode we also talk about the impact of Farmer’s Markets on the local economy, some new additions to the Dennis website, and McKenzie Artisan Deli Meats. We wrap the episode up with a quick discussion about a new way you can explore our brands.

Links mentioned in this episode include our website at and our new Brands page at

Daylight Savings Can Hurt Your Productivity – 3 Simple Ways To Avoid It:

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