Base Recipes with Turkey Breast

Base recipes add cross utilization and labor-saving versatility to your operation, easily expanding menu options with only a few additional ingredients.

If there is one thing I’ve learned during my tenure in the culinary world, it’s to have a few production tricks up your sleeve. One such trick is to work a few base recipes into your repertoire. Base recipes are just that, a starting “base” from which other derivative recipes can be made. The trick is to be creative and thoughtful… “How can I use my base to create other recipes?”

One of my past favorite base recipes was a vanilla crème Brule base, which became the foundation for a French toast dip, house made ice cream, whipped custard in a deconstructed tiramisu… and yes, as a crème Brule.

In this video I’m starting with raw turkey breast to showcase the fundamentals of base recipes, and to demonstrate how easy it can be to turn one recipe into three different menu options.

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