Safety Person of the Year 2019 Man

2019 Safety Person of the Year

Congratulations to Mark McGraw, our 2019 Safety Person of the Year

From, Ginger Shubert
Director of Risk Management

Part of my role at Dennis Paper & Food Service focuses on the impact and importance of workplace safety. As part of that it is my privilege to be able to recognize employees who work hard and work safely; employees who lead by example.

We’ve put a big emphasis on our culture of safety over the past 8 years, it has become a key initiative in our business. During that time there have been many nominees and outstanding candidates who make safety a part of their work day, everyday. We are proud and pleased to honor this year’s recipient, Mark McGraw.

Mark was nominated and awarded Safety Person of the Month in November of 2019, here is an excerpt from the nomination:

Mark consistently takes some of the biggest runs, both with the number of bundles and the number of stops. Mark navigates and delivers in some very congested coastal areas with considerable vehicle and foot traffic, especially in the summertime. Mark delivers and drives safely at all times and is also safe when he is unloading here at the warehouse.

Thank you, Mark, for your commitment to creating a safe workplace for everyone – not just yourself and the Dennis team, but for customers and the public as well. You’re efforts toward safety might not be visible to everyone, but they matter more than most people will ever know – and that’s how we know you’re getting it done right!