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Episode 58 – Marketing to the Checklist

A discussion about using restaurant reopening guidelines as a to-do list for marketing messages.

In this episode of Dennis Knows Food host Luke LaBree talks with Cary Weston, partner at Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications. The idea at hand… What if foodservice operations used restaurant reopening checklists as a guide for marketing their businesses?


Sharing your adherence to safety and sanitation practices will help build customer confidence at a time when the public seeks comfort and reassurance. Plus, adding a dash of personality and empathy to your messaging will help showcase your unique business and build an emotional connection with your customers. Episode 58 provides inspiration for capturing customer attention while reinforcing your foodservice brand during this challenging time.

Links relevant to this episode include www.sutherlandweston.com and www.dennisexpress.com. To download restaurant reopening checklists for Maine and New Hampshire click HERE. For the CDC’s restaurant reopening guidance click HERE. For COVID-19 related information click HERE.

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