Apples, Items, and Ingredients for Restaurants and Foodservice

Fresh Apples, Apple Desserts, and Ingredients for Restaurants and Foodservice

Bring the sweet essence of autumn to your customers. 🍎

When the cool breeze of autumn rolls in, it’s the ideal time to reintroduce the comforting and timeless flavors of apples to your menu. From classic apple pie to sophisticated scones, apple desserts, and even savory dishes–apples are a the quintessential fall fruit. It’s easy to incorporate apples into your menu, browse below for ingredients and inspiration. Your customers will appreciate the seasonal touch, and your menu will shine with the warmth and flavor of the autumn season.

From orchard to table, delight your guests with housemade apple desserts brimming with fresh flavor.

Apple orchards are a culinary staple in the landscape of fall flavors. An apple’s versatility and sweet-tart taste make it a beloved ingredient for both classic and creative apple desserts. Introducing homemade apples desserts to your menu can elevate your culinary repertoire, draw in new patrons, and enchant your loyal customers. Here are some ingredients to help you craft your own applelicious masterpieces:

Item # Description Brand
33175 Apple Pie Filling HENRY & HENRY
18247 Diced Apples DOLE
75091 Granny Smith Apple Slices/Frozen FROZEN
12015 Canned Apple Slices SUNSOURCE
33182 Apple Pie Filling HIGHLAND MARKET
4192 Gala Apples FRESH
26707 Granny Smith Apples FRESH
5646 Macintosh Apples FRESH
24033 Red Delicious Apples FRESH