Wholesale Beverage Products for Restaurants & Foodservice

Dennis Food Service offers a full line of high quality beverage products to meet the many different needs of restaurants and foodservice operations.

Our morning-brew selection includes offerings from New England Coffee, Maxwell House, Douwe Egberts, Maine’s Best and more. We also proudly carry cold brew coffee concentrate from Nescafe, as well as an assortment of traditional teas, herbal teas, brewable ice tea and of course hot cocoa.


We offer a full range of juice concentrates, powder mixes, bulk juices, single serve products and unique specialty items like coconut water and pomegranate juice. We also carry bottled and dispenser water, cappuccino mixes and a selection of popular cocktail mixes.

When it comes to dairy, Dennis is a premier distributor of HP Hood products; we carry everything from whole milk to chocolate milk and buttermilk to eggnog. We’ve got you you covered on the carbonated front as well. Dennis is an authorized distributor of PepsiCo products.

New England Coffee

Below is a sampling of our inventoried coffee products from New England Coffee. Your Account Executive can answer questions about sizes, filters, cups, sleeves and equipment.

Ask about coffee offerings from Carrabassett Coffee, Nescafe, Folgers, Maxwell House, Douwe Egberts and more!

Item # Description
Regular Coffee
83901 Coffee – Breakfast Blend 42/1.25oz
83949 Coffee – Breakfast Blend 42/1.75oz
83902 Coffee – Breakfast Blend 42/2oz
83903 Coffee – Breakfast Blend 80/2oz
83904 Coffee – Breakfast Blend 42/2.25oz
83905 Coffee – Breakfast Blend 128/2.25oz
83908 Coffee – Breakfast Blend 50/8oz
5864 Coffee – Breakfast Blend (Whole Bean) 4/5lb
8027 Coffee – Breakfast Blend (Single Serve) 1/12ct
83913 Coffee – Breakfast Blend (In Room) 1/150ct
83959 Coffee – Colombian 42/1.5oz
83918 Coffee – Colombian 42/2.25oz
83956 Coffee – Colombian Excelso 128/2.5oz
83915 Coffee – Eye Opener 24/2.5oz
83943 Coffee – Eye Opener 96/2.5oz
3328 Coffee – Energy Coffee 24/2.5oz
Flavored Coffee
83917 Coffee – French Roast 24/2.5oz
83920 Coffee – Hazelnut Creme 24/2oz
83921 Coffee – French Vanilla 24/2oz
83939 Coffee – Pumpkin Spice 24/2.5oz
83940 Coffee – Cinnamon Sticky Bun 24/2.5oz
83944 Coffee – San Francisco Blend 24/2.5oz
83947 Coffee – Caramel Nut Crunch 24/2.5oz
Decaf Coffee
1302 Decaf – Breakfast Blend 32/1.5oz
83914 Decaf – Colombian 32/1.75oz
83916 Decaf – Breakfast Blend 32/2oz
3219 Decaf – Breakfast Blend 32/2.25oz
3474 Decaf – Breakfast Blend 32/2.5oz
10727 Decaf – Breakfast Blend (Whole Bean) 3/5lb

Juices & Concentrates

Below is a sampling of our inventoried juice products. Your Account Executive can answer any questions you may have about juices and dispensing machines.

Item # Description
Campbell’s Juices
83440 Juice – Tomato (Plastic Bottle) 8/32oz
83446 Juice – Tomato (Can) 12/46oz
Country Pure Juices
83390 Juice – 100% Apple (K Pak) 96/4oz
83392 Juice – 100% Orange (K Pak) 96/4oz
83394 Juice – 100% Grape (K Pak) 96/4oz
83396 Juice – Fruit Blend (K Pak) 96/4oz
8841 Juice – 100% Orange Pineapple (K Pak) 96/4oz
83416 Juice – 100% Apple (Cup) 96/4oz
83418 Juice – 100% Orange (Cup) 96/4oz
83420 Juice – 100% Grape (Cup) 96/4oz
83422 Juice – Fruit Punch (Cup) 96/4oz
83423 Juice – 15% Cranberry (Cup) 96/4oz
8840 Juice – Pineapple (Cup) 96/4oz
12197 Juice – Dragon Punch (Carton) 70/4oz
7709 Juice – 100% Grape (Carton) 70/4oz
15503 Juice – Apple (Carton) 70/6oz
12453 Juice – Wango Mango (Carton) 70/4oz
83402 Juice – 100% Apple (Carton) 70/4oz
83404 Juice – 100% Orange (Carton) 70/4oz
83454 Juice – Apple (Aseptic Box) 12/46oz
83460 Juice – Grape (Aseptic Box) 12/46oz
83466 Juice – 100% Cranberry (Aseptic Box) 12/46oz
83382 Concentrate – Orange (3×1 Frz) 12/32oz
83384 Concentrate – Apple (3×1 Frz) 12/32oz
Capri Sun Juices
7374 100% Juice – Apple (SS) 40/6oz
7375 100% Juice – Berry (SS) 40/6oz
7376 100% Juice – Fruit Punch (SS) 40/6oz
7377 100% Juice – Grape (SS) 40/6oz
Dole Juices
83455 Juice – Pineapple (SS) 48/6oz
Florida Natural Juices
1619 Juice – Orange (Not From Concentrate) 4/120oz
4881 Concentrate – Cranberry (5-1) 3/3.5ltr
Hood Juices
21009 Juice – Orange (Jug) 9/.5gal
21012 Juice – Orange (Jug) 4/1gal
Izze Juices
7068 Juice – Fortified Apple (SS) 24/8.4oz
7069 Juice – Fortified Blackberry (SS) 24/8.4oz
7070 Juice – Fortified Clementine (SS) 24/8.4oz
7071 Juice – Fortified Pomegranate (SS) 24/8.4oz
Juicy Juice Juices
17893 Juice – Berry (SS) 40/4.3oz
17895 Juice – Apple (SS) 40/4.3oz
17897 Juice – Fruit Punch (SS) 40/4.3oz
17899 Juice – Grape (SS) 40/4.3oz
17903 Juice – Orange Tangerine (SS) 40/4.3oz
17905 Juice – Orange Medley Veggie (SS) 40/4.3oz
19225 Juice – Slim Apple (SS) 32/6.75oz
19227 Juice – Slim Berry (SS) 32/6.75oz
20737 Juice – Orange Tangerine (SS) 24/10oz
20743 Juice – Apple (SS) 24/10oz
Marquis Juices
19716 Juice – Apple (RTS) 12/46oz
19718 Juice – Grape (RTS) 12/46oz
Mott’s Juices
3703 Juice – Real Lemon 8/48oz
83926 Juice – Real Lime 4/1gal
9768 Juice – Clamato® 12/32oz
Ocean Spray Juices
4344 Juice – Apple (Can) 48/5.5oz
4346 Juice – Orange (Can) 48/5.5oz
4351 Juice – Cranberry Cocktail (Can) 48/5.5oz
83457 Juice – Grapefruit (Can) 48/5.5oz
83407 Juice – Grapefruit 12/32oz
83465 Juice – Cranberry Cocktail 12/32oz
83424 Juice – Apple 8/60oz
83462 Juice – 100% Orange 8/60oz
8630 Juice – 100% Cranberry 8/60oz
Ruby Kist Juices
19704 Juice – Lite Cranberry Cocktail 8/64oz
19706 Juice – 27% Cranberry 12/46oz
19708 Juice – Tomato 12/46oz
19710 Juice – Lemon 12/32oz
19712 Juice – Apple (SS) 24/10oz
19714 Juice – Cranberry Cocktail (SS) 24/10oz
20751 Juice – Orange (SS) 24/10oz
V8 Juices
7059 Juice – Pomegranate Blueberry (SS) 24/8oz
7067 Juice – Strawberry Banana (SS) 24/8oz
83419 Juice – Vegetable (SS) 24/11.5oz
83471 Juice – Vegetable 12/46oz

Tea & Hot Cocoa

Below is a sampling of our inventoried tea and cocoa products. Your Account Executive can answer any questions about additional beverage items as well as related accessory products.

Item # Description
3467 Tea Bags – Earl Gray (Bigelow) 6/28ct
3468 Tea Bags – Green Tea (Bigelow) 6/28ct
5392 Tea Bags – Darjeeling (Bigelow) 6/28ct
83162 Tea Bags – Decaf Black (Lipton) 6/72ct
83163 Tea Bags – Herbal Variety (Lipton) 6/28ct
83165 Tea Bags – Envelope (Lipton) 10/100ct
83167 Tea Bags – Auto Brew Bag (Lipton) 24/3gal
Hot Cocoa
7325 Cocoa – Regular (Swiss Miss) 1/50ct
8929 Cocoa – With Marshmallows (Swiss Miss) 1/50ct
90349 Cocoa – Sugar Free (Swiss Miss) 1/24ct
90340 Cocoa – Instant (Bakers Select) 12/32ct
90351 Cocoa – Mix (Gen Foods Intl) 6/2lb
14172 Cocoa – Cappuccino Machine (Hershey’s) 6/2lb
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