Charcuterie for Chefs Foodservice

Charcuterie is in–artisan meats and cheeses, an array of bite-size accompaniments, and glamor-shot worthy presentations are taking appetizer menus up a notch.

A well-rounded charcuterie offering can be a profitable way to showcase diverse ingredients and bold flavors, with unique opportunities for seasonal customization, pairings, and even elevated takeout dining experiences.

As with cheese boards, we enjoy sampling a variety of delectable foods when dining out. Charcuterie boards are an ideal way to present a variety of sophisticated flavors in an almost artistic fashion. In fact, the encyclopedia definition of charcuterie goes something along the of lines of “… the art of preparing various meats, in particular pork, in order to present them in the most diverse ways.” Charcuterie boards pull in the artful presentation of meats, along with complimentary and contrasting flavors, bites, and accouterments. Better still, with a little prep work, charcuterie boards are easily customized to your customer’s preferences.

Charcuterie can be novel and exciting, especially as trends evolve in new and creative ways. Discover how charcuterie is moving beyond meat and cheese boards. In ‘7 Trends Shaping Charcuterie’, we’ll explore the hottest charcuterie trends, guiding you through seven innovative concepts that can set your establishment apart.

A quality charcuterie offering is a great way to increase your check average by $20-$35+, depending on the size of your board and the quality of ingredients being offered.

A few of the benefits that come with offering a charcuterie selection and cheese boards at your restaurant include…

  • Featured Pairings for Entrees and Cocktails
  • Perfect for holidays and special occasions
  • Made to order per customer’s selections
  • Charcuterie is #Trending on Social Media
  • Offers fresher/varied appeal compared to fired offerings
  • Extend Charcuterie beyond your appetizer menu (Charcutentree?)
  • Increases your check average

Specialty 🧀 Cheeses

With a plethora of options to present cheese is the pinnacle of perfect items to sample.

Conversation built around a plate of chef picked cheeses, garnished with pickled vegetables, grain mustard, fruit chutney & crusty bread/crostini is the perfect way to kick of a great meal. Browse our Cheese Board for a selection of  specialty cheese offerings; suitable for your charcuterie, cheese boards, and cooking applications alike. Help create cheesy dinning memories by creating your own selections from our list of international cheeses and local artisans.

The Cheese Board


#10310 Whole Grain Mustard

#21933 Morse’s Pickled Beet Slaw

#25340 Morse’s sour garlic pickles

#21935 Morse’s Sour Mustard Pickles

#71690 Pepperoncini

#23697 Calabrian Chili Peppers *SPO

#23186 Petite Sweet Red Peppers *SPO

#23190 Petite Sweet Yellow Peppers *SPO

#14110 Oven Roasted Red Tomato

#23194 Oven Roasted Yellow Tomato *SPO

#16720 Kalamata Olives

#71592 Seville Olives

#4790 Glazed Pecan Halves

#4791 Honey Maple Walnut Halves


#1922 Flatbread
These can be brushed with oil and grilled for a soft “tear style” flatbread. You can take it a step further by baking in the oven until crisp, then break off rustic shards for your presentation.

#17573 Baguette
Perfect for house-baked crostini.

#25008 Focaccia

#4553 Ciabatta

Fresh Produce:

#26055 Red grapes

#26051 Green grapes

#11522 Grape tomato medley

#26137 Strawberries

#26483 Basil

Don’t Forget ❤️ Date Night

Let’s not forget that the takeout opportunities for charcuterie can range all over the board… or should we say off the board.

charcuterie in takeout containerWhether as an item or package you up-sell over the phone while taking an order, or one that is internally marketed as a date night package, there are many money-making opportunities to consider when adding charcuterie to your menu.

  • Offer Friday and Saturday “date night” charcuterie packages
  • Chef’s charcuterie and cheese selections
  • Assorted accoutrements that compliment each other/a theme
  • Highlight artisan/crusty bread
  • Fresh produce; strawberries and  grapes
  • Offer charcuterie to-go
  • Choice of wine, craft beer, or champagne

(A two-day advance for pre-orders is highly recommended.)