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Wholesale Ken’s Dressings & Sauces

It all started back in 1941

…when Ken and Florence Hanna decided to open Ken’s Steak House in Framingham, Massachusetts. Steaks of course, were going to be their specialty. But both Ken and Florence wanted something special to serve alongside. That something was a great salad, tossed with an even greater dressing.

According to Ken, “It got to the point where our salads were probably more popular than our steaks. And pretty soon people were asking why I didn’t put the salad dressing in a bottle and sell it.” Friends of Ken did exactly that, and an entire company was born. Frank and Louise Crowley started the business of Ken’s Food’s in their kitchen in 1958 based on the house dressing served in the restaurant. Today the company has plant operations in Marlborough, Massachusetts, McDonough, Georgia and Las Vegas, Nevada.

As the years have gone by, Ken’s Foods has grown far beyond that original Italian dressing. We’re still a family owned and operated business. But today, between our Retail Grocery Products and Food Service divisions, we produce and package over 400 varieties of dressings and sauces.

A lot of people also come to Ken’s for custom-made dressings and sauces. Others, like Paul Newman, even bring in their own ideas for dressings, and ask us to produce and bottle them.

When it comes to business, many say there’s no such thing as a recipe for success. At Ken’s, we happen to disagree.