Welcome to Employee Ownership Month

October is Employee Ownership Month (EOM) – a month-long celebration of all the benefits that come with being an employee-owned company.

The ESOP committee here at Dennis Food Service has been planning exciting events for you to take part in. We hope you feel appreciated and truly feel the value of being part of an employee-owned company. The dedication and service that is put forth everyday here at Dennis is something to be proud of. Let’s celebrate our hard work all month long!

Join us for the following in-house events. For those who work outside of the Mecaw Road location, be on the lookout for some special things that we’ve done just for you!

Thursday, October 5th   BRUNCH 🍳

Kick off the month with brunch on us!!! Come down to the break room beginning at 10am to enjoy breakfast sandwiches, danishes, fruit and more. We will make these available in the evening as well for the night crew.

Thursday, October 12th   TAILGATE PARTY 🌭🍔

Come out back to enjoy burgers, hot dogs, salads and more. Stick around for some friendly competition in cornhole with your fellow business owners.


Join your fellow business owners for a magical evening of food, entertainment, and a chance to win some fantastic prizes. We will also take some time to recognize years of service and announce the 2023 Dennis Difference Award Winner!

Thursday, October 27th   FOOD TRUCK 🚚

Black Sheep, a food truck out of Ellsworth, will join us beginning at Noon. Come meet the Crosby Brothers and try some of their yummy burgers, homemade sauces, appetizers, and more!

Add the above dates to your calendar and don’t forget to take part in Employee Ownership Month!

“In the story of success, every thread woven by an employee-owner adds strength, resilience, and purpose. As an ESOP company, our collective ownership is the masterpiece that transforms dedication into prosperity. Each stakeholder shapes the narrative of our journey, making us not just employees but architects of our shared success. Together, we build a legacy where every effort is an investment in our future. Own it, embrace it, and let the spirit of employee ownership be the guiding force in every step we take.”