Specialty Hams for Restaurants & Foodservice

Savory and flavorful, the right ham can add wow-factor to holiday menus, special occasions and signature dishes.

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Dennis Paper & Food Service stocks a wide assortment of hams, making it easy to bring the premium quality and irresistible flavor ham lovers desire to your menu.

Specialty hams from Smithfield Culinary, Hormel Foods and Kaymen Foodservice are available in a variety of sizes and options, including bone-in and boneless, so you can select just the right fit for your operation.

Looking for more options? Be sure to ask you Account Executive for additional suggestions.

Description Item #
Farmland Steamship Ham #19365
Farmland Virginia Baked Ham #72956
Farmland Gold Medal Buffet Ham #72959
Farmland Silver Label Pitt Ham #72963
Farmland Applewood Smoked Ham (Boneless) #7021
Farmland Silver Medal Buffet Ham (Flat, Water Added) #72968
Farmland Carving Pitt Ham (Water Added) #1241
Farmland Bronze Medal Buffet Ham (Flat, Water Added) #5451
Farmland Bolo Style Cooked Ham #72961
Hormel Cure 81 Bone-In Spiral 1/2 Ham #2195
Hormel Old Smokehouse Carving Pitt Ham #72992
Hormel Old Tyme Buffet Ham #72918
Hormel Cure 81 Boneless Ham #72916
Kayem Mellogold Traditional Bone-In Smoked Ham #16332

Video: Holiday Hams with Smithfield Culinary