No-Prep, Fresh, Processed Produce for Foodservice

Prep work touches every category in professional kitchens, with fresh produce taking the lion’s share of resources for many.

restaurant produce items collage

The daily and weekly preparation of fresh produce ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and fresh blends can require a significant commitment of time and resources within your operation. Plus, there are the considerations of consistency, quality, and food safety. Our selection of prep-minimizing produce offerings saves time while adding consistency and efficiency that benefit your staff and your bottom line.

Evaluating your produce needs to identify opportunities for fresh-processed solutions could save your team time, and that means money.

Our selection of stocked, prep-miniminzing produce covers some of the most popular and essential ingredients in food service. We also have a broad selection of special order items, which will arrive fresh at your door within days of ordering. And this is just the tip of the iceberg; if you’re looking for something you don’t see on this list, ask your Account Executive for other labor-saving product recommendations like these!




26046    1/10 L Fresh Mushrooms Sliced

74908    6/62oz Cuton Mushrooms Blanched Sliced

23781    2/10 L Simpl Potato Redskin Dice Lg

23783    2/10 L Simpl Potato Shredded White

23789    2/10 L Simpl Potato Diced 5/8″

23795    4/6 Lb Simpl Potato Mashed White

23797    4/6 Lb Simpl Potato Mashed Redskin

23799    4/6 Lb Simpl Potato Mash Garlic Redskin

11522    12/dry Fresh Tomato Grape Medley

26346    12/pin Fresh Tomatoes Grape

26133    2/5 Lb Fresh Tomatoes Sliced

26093    4/5 Lb Fresh Onions Diced 1/4 ” Trays

26180    2/5 Lb Fresh Peppers Green Diced 1/4″

6470     1/8 Lb Bosto Onion Rings No Centers

26167    2/3 Lb Fresh Cauliflower Florets

26492    4/3 Lb Fresh Broccoli Florets 4/3 Lb

26191    2/2.5  Fresh Celery Sticks 2-split

26240    2/10 L Fresh Squash Peeled

26599    2/5 Lb Fresh Beans Green Snipped

12330    1/8 Lb Fresh Fruit Salad Fresh 21

26310    1/1 Ga Fresh Shallots Peeled

10080    2/5 Lb Mann  Lettuce Leaf Better Burger

11654    4/2 Lb Fresh Veggie Power Blend

13377    4/5 Lb Fresh Carrots Baby Rainbow

16398    4/5 Lb Fresh Carrots Baby 4/5lb Slims

26162    4/5 Lb Fresh Garlic Peeled Calif. 4/5

26494    4/5 Lb Fresh Lettuce Shredded 1/8″

26486    4/5 Lb Fresh Salad Iceberg w/ sep color

26275    4/5 Lb Fresh Salad Ice/Rom Blend w/sep color

26064    6/2 Lb Fresh Lettuce Romaine Chopped

18804    1/3 Lb Fresh Salad Mix Heritage Blend

18806    4/3 Lb Fresh Salad Mix Heritage 4/3lb

26168    4/5 Lb Fresh Carrots Matchstick

26088    1/3 Lb Fresh Mesclun Mix (Spring Mix)

26382    4/2.5  Fresh Spinach Triple Washed

22002    4/5 Lb Calif Coleslaw Fine Shred w/sep color

26251    4/5 Lb Fresh Coleslaw Shred w/sep color

26271    4/5 Lb Fresh Coleslaw Diced w/sep color


16669 S      Cucumber Coins 2/5lb

1749 S       Celery Diced 3/8″

5290 S       Veg Mirepoix Blend

26652 S      Radishes Sliced

26420 S      Cabbage Red Shredded

6470 S       Onion Rings No Centers, 8lb pail, ¼” Cut

26104 S      Onions Sliced Strips 1/4″

26289 S      Onion Spanish Sliced 1/2″

26159 S      Onions Red 3/16″ Strips

26406 S      Onions Red Diced

8210 S       Fresh Diced Tomato

25575 S      Pico Fresh

26182 S      Peppers Green Sliced

4267 S       Peppers Green Sliced Ring

26184 S      Peppers Red Sliced 1/2″

26183 S      Peppers Red Diced 1/4″

23879 S      Red Onion Ring No Center

4549 S       Peppers Yellow Sliced

6079 S       Peppers Orange Sliced

26650 S    Carrot Coins

26098 S     Carrot Sticks

2005 S       Squash Yellow Summer Sliced

2007 S       Squash Zucchini Sliced

19137 S      Carrots Diced 3/8″

14900 S      Brussels Sprouts Halved

24157 S      Squash Butternut Diced

26237 S      Turnip Diced 1/2″

26236 S      Turnip Peeled/quartered

15807 S      Pineapple Fresh Cut

19335 S      Mango Chunks

7730 S       Melon Honeydew Precut

7846 S       Cantaloupe Fresh Cut

7966 S       Watermelon Precut

23969 S      Oranges Segements

26662 S      Grapefruit Sect In Juice

22699 S      Green Apple Slices Bulk

22697 S      Red Apple Slices Bulk

19337 S      Jicama Stick

8488 S       Vegt Blend Harvest Fresh

26283 S      Veg Primavera Blend

17106 S      Stir-fry Summertime

17950 S      Stir Fry Fresh Asian Style

26540 S      Noodles Lo Mein

Special Item Ordering

Please use the following order schedule for special order “S” produce items.
Order by 2pm This Day ➡️ Delivery This Day

By 2pm Monday ➡️ Thursday Delivery

By 2pm Tuesday ➡️ Friday Delivery

By 2pm Wednesday ➡️ Monday Delivery

By 2pm Thursday ➡️ Tuesday Delivery

By 2pm Friday ➡️ Wednesday Delivery