Fredrikson Farm Maine-made Premium Goat Cheese

Discover the Delight of Fredrikson Farm Goat Cheese

Specializing in Premium Artisanal Goat Cheese, crafted with care and tradition.

Nestled in the town of China, Maine, Fredrikson Farm is a testament to dedication, quality, and a profound love for goats and their deliciously unique milk.

Fredrikson’s Farm spans 70 acres of lush fields and serene forestry, owned and operated by Ed and Dianna Fredrikson. What started as a 4-H project for their daughters blossomed into a lifelong commitment for Ed and Dianna, who now care for a thriving herd of 64 Sanaan goats.

In 2010, Ed Fredrikson designed a 24′ x 94′ dairy facility, drawing on insights from goat dairies across New England. The result is an efficient, safe, and effective milking process that preserves the integrity of the milk from udder to cheese vat. This meticulous approach ensures that the milk retains its natural quality, essential for producing exceptional goat cheese.

The milking process at Fredrikson Farm is a model of precision and care. Goats are milked in a parlor where their udders are washed and milk is gravity-fed through a pipeline to the bulk tank or cheese vat. This minimal handling preserves the milk’s natural state, crucial for creating high-quality cheese.

Fredrikson Farm goat cheese is celebrated for its distinct tangy taste and rich aroma. This unique flavor profile is a result of the fatty acids in the goat’s milk, which are carefully preserved through minimal handling. Whether you’re savoring a creamy spoonful of chevre or a slice of aged goat cheese, you’ll experience the bold, delightful flavors that make Fredrikson Farm products truly special.

Join us in celebrating local craftsmanship and enjoy the remarkable flavor of Fredrikson Farm goat cheese – a true testament to quality, care, and a passion for excellence.


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