National French Fry Day

Every July, the nation joins together in the celebration of French fries!

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Some people believe that the term “French fries” for deep fried potato batons was introduced when American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I. The Belgians had previously been catering to the British soldiers’ love of chips and continued to serve them to the Americans when they took over the western end of the front. The Americans supposedly took them to be French fried potatoes because they believed themselves to be in France, French being the local language and the official language of the Belgian Army at that time.

The J. R. Simplot Company is credited with successfully commercializing French fries in frozen form during the 1940s. Subsequently, in 1967, Ray Kroc of McDonald’s contracted the Simplot company to supply them with frozen fries, replacing fresh-cut potatoes as an ingredient. In 2004, 29% of the United States’ potato crop was used to make frozen fries – 90% consumed by the food services sector and 10% by retail.

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