Restaurant & Foodservice Holiday Buffet Checklist

Whether it’s the next holiday that’s always looming around the corner, a special event, or simply your next meal service–it’s never too early to start menu planning.

To help in your creative planning process we have created a checklist of ingredients geared towards making your buffet presentation elegant and easy.

We are no strangers to buffet presentations. We understand the added stress levels of presenting holiday fare for hundreds of guests; all of whom come to your establishment with an appetite for great food and high expectations of that being delivered. This checklist is comprised of many items that we have used in the past; all of which have both presented well and alleviated much of the stress we take on those days.

Looking for more ideas? We have dozens of other options and varieties available in our inventory, ask your Dennis Account Executive for additional suggestions!

Finger foods for platters or cocktail receptions:

πŸ”² Egg Salad 74206
πŸ”² Tuna Salad 74213
πŸ”² Ham Salad 74208
πŸ”² Buffalo Chicken Salad 74212
πŸ”² Cranberry & Walnut Chicken Salad 74214
πŸ”² Chicken Salad, all white meat 6287
πŸ”² Crab for crab rolls or crab cakes 18207
πŸ”² Lobster for lobster rolls 110057
πŸ”² Shrimp for cocktail or shrimp salad rolls 1306
πŸ”² Finger Sandwich Rolls 11096
πŸ”² Meatball Mix for sliders 22085
πŸ”² Pretzel Rolls 4486
πŸ”² Hard Cooked Eggs for deviled eggs 20467
πŸ”² Meatballs for crockpot served sweet & sour style 73405
πŸ”² Crab Rangoon 15280
πŸ”² Brie Cheese 9558
πŸ”² Beef & Mushroom in Puff Pastry 21567
πŸ”² Cocktail Franks in Puff Pastry 10379
πŸ”² Assorted Quiche 10376
πŸ”² Bacon Wrapped Scallops 10374
πŸ”² Spanakopita 10375

Carving sized items… from the carving block:

πŸ”² Rib-Eye 83037
πŸ”² Pork Loin 73329
πŸ”² Turkey Breast Raw 11784
πŸ”² Whole Salmon Sides 5220
πŸ”² Traditional Bone-In Ham 1352
πŸ”² Pit Carving Ham 1241

Great items for chafer service:

πŸ”² Cheese Tortellini 28572
πŸ”² Linguini 21431
πŸ”² Cavatappi 21417
πŸ”² Gnocchi 13365
πŸ”² Butternut Ravioli 18137
πŸ”² Fettuccine 21427
πŸ”² Stuffed Sole 74070
πŸ”² Stuffed Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese 72878
πŸ”² Stuffed Chicken, Cordon Blue 72876
πŸ”² Fresh Chicken Breast 30704
πŸ”² Salmon Portions (Cut in Β½ for buffet) 3205
πŸ”² Herb Stuffing 78703
πŸ”² Red Skin Mashed Potatoes 23799
πŸ”² White Cheddar Mac & Cheese 17493
πŸ”² Fresh Butternut Squash 26240
πŸ”² Fresh Sweet Potatoes 16015
πŸ”² Fresh Fingerling Potatoes 26477
πŸ”² Fresh Baby Rainbow Carrots 13377
πŸ”² Fresh Cauliflower 26087
πŸ”² Fresh Brussels Sprouts 26674

Buffet fillers:

πŸ”² Cranberry Sauce 24751
πŸ”² Greek Pasta Salad 74222
πŸ”² Cheese Tortellini Salad 74237
πŸ”² Chicken Broccoli Penne Salad 14973
πŸ”² Potato Rolls 11070
πŸ”² Cornbread 8859
πŸ”² Crepe Shells 27563

Petite dessert bites, perfect for platters:

πŸ”² Triple Chocolate Cake 2587
πŸ”² Lemon Shortbread 2560 *SPO
πŸ”² Mississippi Mud Square 5055
πŸ”² Toasted Almond Cups 14204
πŸ”² Tiramisu Cups 14200 *SPO
πŸ”² Lemon Burst Square 5721
πŸ”² Whoopie Pie Shells 33129
πŸ”² Whoopie Pie Filling 25862
πŸ”² Double Chocolate Brownie Batter 19427
πŸ”² Baklava 1347
πŸ”² Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 81390
πŸ”² Raspberry Dessert Chimi 17771
πŸ”² Gingerbread Men 33247
πŸ”² Cannoli Shells 14190
πŸ”² Mini Cannoli Shells 14054
πŸ”² Cannoli Filling 14046
πŸ”² Unsliced Yellow Sheet Cake 26954
πŸ”² Mini Chocolate Cannoli Shells 24297