Mann’s Better Burger Leaf

Mann’s Better Burger Leaf, better appearance, taste and performance for burgers and sandwiches.

A truly round leaf that fits burger buns and sandwich breads beautifully, while its dramatic curly edge provides a more upscale appearance. With its crunchy texture and sweet iceberg flavor, combined with the flatter leaf characteristic, sandwich building is so much easier.

Sweet like green leaf. Crunchy like iceberg. A perfect round leaf for burgers, sandwiches and lettuce wraps. These fresh, sweet leaves have the crunchy texture of iceberg lettuce with upscale, frilly appearance of green leaf.

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-use & food safety ensured
  • Processed under HACCP guidelines with SQF 2000 level 3 certification
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No waste or disposal
  • Year-round availability & menu planning
  • Dramatically lower labor costs
  • Sealed bags improve freshness & shelf life
  • Crunchy texture; sweet Iceberg flavor
  • Consistently green, from leaf to leaf
  • Truly round leaf fits burger buns and sandwich breads equally
  • Flatter leaf dimension makes sandwich building easier
  • Beautiful curly edge provides more upscale appearance

Item #10080

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