Advice for Restaurants During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The restaurant and foodservice industry is in a chaotic and difficult situation due to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Following the need for many operations to transition from full service, dine-in establishments, to takeout and delivery only – we’ve gathered 4 industry experts to discuss 5 important topics.

    1. The Transition to Takeout & Delivery Only
    2. What to Sell / Effective Menu Planning
    3. Takeout Packaging
    4. Effective Messaging to Your Customers
    5. Maximizing Your Labor & Resources

These videos are unbranded and free for anyone to use wherever they like. We encourage our fellow foodservice distributors around the country to download these clips and use them however they wish. One of the most important things we can all do right now is to share our advice and support with hard-working restaurant operators during this crisis. We hope these discussions can help in that effort.

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Advice for Restaurants During the Coronavirus Outbreak | Full Discussion