2017 Safety Person of the Year

Congratulations to Phil Jordan, our Safety Person of the Year for 2017!

From, Keith Durrah
Dennis Paper & Food Service, Director of Risk Management

One of the best things I get to do as the Safety Guy at Dennis Paper & Food Service is recognize exceptional employees who work hard and do it safely. I’m proud to say that a culture of safety exists among our team, something that shows with our safety record and the fact that (as of today) we are 1035 days without a lost-time accident or injury.

Employees who show up every day and do their job well, and do it safely, help make my job a lot easier. They know what it takes to get the job done right and they have a safety-minded attitude in how they approach things.  Phil Jordan is one of these people. He is someone that I seldom have a conversation with where we are not talking about a situation which he’d handled safely. These conversations often lead into how we could implement improvements for everyone else to keep accidents and injuries from happening. Phil continues to push the bar higher by the example he sets.  Anyone can talk the talk, but he definitely walks the safety walk.

Phil goes about his job as a Dennis Delivery with a great attitude. He takes things as they come with an all-in-a-days-work mentality. He consistently drives some of our biggest trucks and through very congested areas. If you ever see him out in town doing deliveries, he will surely have his orange safety cone positioned at the end of his ramp. There have been times when I have asked him how he is able to get done what he does and not get hurt.  He says that the key is to know what you can handle, think first, and always take an extra hand-cart trip if you need to. Pretty basic stuff when you think about it, but pretty effective also.

Phil is a 3-time Safety Person of the Month winner and now he can add Safety Person of the Year to that as well. Congratulations to 2018’s Safety Person of the Year award winner, Phil Jordan.