Wholesale Gluten Free Products for Foodservice

At Dennis we believe it’s important to offer our customers an assortment of popular gluten free product options so that they may better serve those seeking gluten-free versions of their favorite foods.

Those living Celiac disease often find it difficult to eat away from home and many find the entire situation to be frustrating and off-putting. Consumer surveys indicate that adults choosing to be gluten-free still fear getting sick from their food when they dine out. Reassure them with genuine Gluten free versions of your pizzas, sandwiches, hoagies and more.

Looking for more? Ask your Account Executive for additional ideas. If we don’t have it in stock we’ll do our best to find it and source it for you.

The products listed here are designated as Gluten Free according to information provided to Dennis Food Service by our suppliers.

PLEASE NOTE: While these products do not contain gluten as an ingredient, they may be processed on a line that also processes products containing gluten. Prior to consuming the product, individuals with severe food allergies should confirm the ingredient information on the actual product label.

*Information provided by www.gffoodservice.org