Wicked Maine Pops Wholesale

One bite into any of their flavors and you’ll understand why these aren’t just ordinary popsicles!

Wicked Maine Pops uses the highest quality ingredients from near and far. They partner with local Maine suppliers to source as many in-season ingredients as possible. You can feel good sharing WickedMaine Pops with your customers.

We love making these pops and you can tell!

Wicked Maine Pops make people wicked happy.

Their mentality is – pops make everyone smile. Their goal is a healthy and nostalgic treat to make you grin and remember sticky fingers and summer days.

An exciting new venture, Wicked Maine Pops is produced under the long standing company umbrella of Northwoods Gourmet Girl LLC. They bring a passion for these tasty and inventive frozen treats with the same commitment to quality they’ve stood by in Northwoods products all these years. They promise transparency in ingredients and TLC in each product they produce.