Golden Barbecue Chicken Skewer

Golden Barbecue Chicken Skewer

Savory chicken skewers marinated in lemon vinaigrette and cooked over an open flame. Savored slowly, but most likely devoured, this dish has healthy, fresh and seasonal appeal on a stick! Try offering your customers a choice for the number of skewers they want, or skip the couscous and menu them as an appetizer.


8 oz Boneless chicken breast cut into 4 pieces
1 ea Chucks red bell pepper, green bell pepper and yellow bell pepper
3 ea Chunks of red onion and yellow onion
1 8” Bamboo skewer
4 oz Brown butter sautéed couscous with chopped parsley
3 oz Lemon vinaigrette
Sweet Baby Ray’s Golden Barbecue Sauce (#4298)


  • Skewer chicken and vegetables *as shown in picture
  • Marinate chicken skewer in lemon vinaigrette for at least one hour
  • Grill, skewer and lather with Golden Brown Barbecue Sauce, serve on top of couscous

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